Friday, June 24, 2016

Reviews from Saleena, 6/24/16

I am NOT a gamer, but I do love art; so I picked this up out of curiosity.  I found it really intriguing and the author picked some cool games I had never heard of; that made me wish I were a gamer.  

Adam is obsessed with finding the right combination of tools to make him a "winner" at high school.  What he finds is that if he is needed, he can be popular....and his first foray into being needed is to offer to do homework for the popular people, for a price.  This leads rapidly into obtaining booze and drugs for them also, which of course leads to consequences with the girl he is falling for, the one who knows nothing of his illegal activities.  I found this to be a very sad book, accurate perhaps; but sad....and also the unravelling of everything so quickly was just a bit "lesson of the week".  Altogether it isn't a horrible read, but not amazing either.

This was a very informative biography about Nelly Bly.  I wanted it to be more engaging and fascinating; however, it gave all the needed information for anyone doing, useful but not fun.

I really wanted to like this book; but instead I found it really strange.  Too many contradictory stories, too many weird things happening at once; and the "mystery" of what happened is never really resolved to my satisfaction.  All in all, this is a really well hyped title that I think falls a bit flat in story and character development; but that literary folks will probably love.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear is a hard book to read, being about rape and school politics.   I can't say I enjoyed it, given the realism in the storytelling, but it was well done and very character driven.  If you like realistic stories, you will really enjoy this one, but bring the tissues.

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