Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review of The Demon in the Freezer By: Richard Preston Tanay Somisetty

Review of The Demon in the Freezer By: Richard Preston
Tanay Somisetty

            The Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston is a remarkably well written book. Although this is a non-fiction book, Richard Preston's tells true stories in such a way that you will feel like you are in the story yourself. In this book, Preston relates in fascinating detail, stories of smallpox. Its rise, devastation, and fall. The virus is now all but eradicated, both physically and from our minds. Although we as a society may never see smallpox again, we must never forget our memories of this virus because we have learned a great deal from our struggle to eradicate the virus. The frightening realities of smallpox coupled with a lots of information can make this a good book to pass the time. Although, some people may start to feel bored of the book towards the end, I recommend this book.

My Rating: 8/10

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