Saturday, August 20, 2016

8/20/16--reviews from Saleena

Saenz's book was one I had been meaning to read for awhile...and now that I've read it, I can't get the story out of my head.  Zach's story of addiction and family dysfunction tore my heart out and made me cry....and it was amazing.  The back and forth of Zach between his present time at the rehab facility and his reluctant remembrances of his past make the story hard to put down; even while you're afraid to see what more he'll remember.  Saenz gives an honest portrait of someone working through a rehab facility, as well as working to recover from a lifetime of dysfunction and addiction.

This title is one that I was assigned to read for review purposes, so I'll keep it short and's a fun fluffy book about a smart and awkward girl who is also a model.  As I was reading it, I kept thinking that it felt like a script for a Disney or Nickelodeon show, all silly antics, slapstick and ultimate happy endings....and maybe that's still in the cards.  All in all, a fun book if you want a quick, fun book to while away a few hours of your day.

Ahdieh's book was NOT what I was expecting, and that's hard to do with as many years of reading as I've done.  She took the story of Shaharazad, and made it into a totally new fantasy adventure, while staying true to the spirit of the story she wasn't afraid to venture in new directions.  So, Wrath and Dawn is the story of Shazi who agrees to marry the king because she wants to find a way to kill him.....and then discovers that he isn't the monster she thought he was.  The story ends with a VERY big cliffhanger, so I now feel compelled to find and read the next book as soon as possible.  This was such an interesting and multi-layered story and so well written!

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