Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reviews from Saleena 11/22/16

Ghosts is a fun and interesting graphic novel about a family who live in a town where ghosts are common and welcome.  I love the link between family and Dia de los Muertos.

An interesting and informative guide to the history of LGBTQ athletes.

Albertalli wrote a very good book, and it looks like it's been optioned to be a movie.  Simon isn't really out of the closet, but has been emailing someone he met online.  When someone finds one of his emails, he blackmails him.  As Simon works his way around the blackmail, he also is trying to figure out who the face is behind the emails.  I really liked the tone and the character development....really well done.

George is a trans boy in grade school, trying to figure out how to talk to his family about who he is.  This is a book aimed at middle school students and is one of only a few books on this topic for this age range.   It's a sweet book and a quick read.

Some Assembly Required is a biography of transgender boy, Arin Andrews.  He discusses his journey, the difficulties he's faced and the obstacles he's overcome.  An informative and inspiring story, and enlightening for anyone looking to learn about transgender issues.

Feedback is another novel in Mira Grant's Newsflesh Universe.  This one involves another blogger group following the Democratic candidate, happening in the same time frame as the original trilogy......at first, it seemed to follow a similar character arc but thankfully, things changed mid-way.  I was REALLY happy to see a gender fluid main character, in a way that wasn't about their sexuality; just a facet of who they were.  Feedback is a tense ride, that keeps the reader on edge until you get to the end.  Great job!  Also, word of warning, this series is definitely aimed at older teens & adults.....lots of zombies & violence....but only if you're good with that sort of thing.

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