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12/2/17--Reviews from Saleena

Accidentally read part 2 before part 1 (they didn't identify differences that I noticed on the catalog, but then when I went back....was right there....)
However, I enjoyed it and am now on hold for the first's a story with characters from Jack and the Beanstalk, but told in a totally new way.  Really fun.

The Boy on the Bridge is a companion to The Girl With All the Gifts (so you could read them in any order); and because it's a companion, it's different...but definitely in the same universe.  I like the angle of the genius boy on a science expedition and M.R. Carey really does a good job of telling a story you can see visually...must be all those years of writing comics.  Really well done and an enjoyable zombie apocalypse tale with a totally different ending than the one you were expecting (unless you read the other, and even then...not predictable).

Was in the mood for a Christmas story and this one is perfect as it continues the story of Dash and Lily from Dash & Lily's Book of Dares.  This picks up a year later where both of them are experiencing life and it's changes....and also how much more work it is to stay in love than to fall in love.  Really fun and romantic story set in NYC. 

Garvey's Choice is a story in verse, which I love...and also is a story about a young man trying to find his own way even if it doesn't match what his father or the world thinks is the right choice.  I really love how Grimes brings Garvey's life so quickly into view and pulls at your heartstrings as he finds himself through the arts instead of through sports.  Great story aimed at middle school aged students but able to be enjoyed by anyone.

I like to read educational works sometimes, so grabbed this on a whim. 
Meltzer does a good job of bringing Hawthorne's life into focus; but unfortunately the edition I read had so many editing mistakes it really detracted from the book.  Hopefully subsequent editions have fixed the errors because it was really rife with obvious mistake made throughout the book.

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